Support for disadvantaged children in Kenya

Supporting the Tegla Loroupe Educational and Peace Centre in Kapenguria, Kenya, for 10 yearsTegla Loroupe Education and Peace Centre
The construction of the Tegla Loroupe Educational and Peace Centre in the town of Kapenguria in Kenya started in April 2005. A month later, "The Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles" organised a sponsor race of 3 schools in Switzerland. 21,000 Swiss Franks were collected to support the construction of the school. A sea container with schhool tables and chairs followed in 2008. The peace school opened her doors in January 2012.
Since her opening "The Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles" tried to find sponsors for orphaned children educated in the boarding school. In 2015 "The Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles" provided financial support for 30 orphaned children, a matron, the renovation of a house, which will serve as a medical facility for the school, and a school van. The Educational and Peace Centre was founded by world class athlete Tegla Loroupe and aims at meeting with the educational needs of disadvantaged children. In addition the school offers protection for girls from genital mutilation and forced marriages.

Sea container for Nicaragua

Santa Maria Parrales School, San Jacinto, Nicaragua, May 2012
The northwestern provinces of Nicaragua are some of the most disadvantaged in the country, which is itself the poorest in Central America. In May 2012, The Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles humanitarian service organization sent a second sea container of goods to Nicaragua. A single sea container holds about 400 boxes. We partnered with Ram Power/Polaris Energy, who paid for shipping of our goods to Nicaragua. The materials included educational resources, bicycles, musical instruments, sports equipment and water containers. (More photos)

Container for San Jacinto in Nicaragua

A container of needed school supplies, sport equipment and water tanks was delivered to San Jacinto Village in Nicaragua in June 2009. Gift packages, schoolbags, stationery, notebooks, bicycles, baseball sets, first-aid boxes and water tanks were distributed among children, school staff and village residents during the beautiful one day ceremony.

Supporting Tegla Laroupe´s new school in Kenya

One thousand Swiss children participated in our Kids to Kids programme for children in Kenya. With this programme we were able to send school supplies and furniture, books and toys to support a new school built by Tegla Laroupe, a world marathon woman champion, in the north-western part of Kenya.

School supplies, books, bicycles, toys and computers for Cape Town

A 20-foot sea container with school supplies, books, bicycles, toys, sports equipment and computers was sent in October 2003 from members of our group in Great Britain to the Salvation Army in Cape Town. All of the items were distributed to schools and comunity projects around the Cape Town area, the rural Vendaland state in South Africa and even the remote island of St. Helena!

Junior Secondary School on the island atoll of Marakei

Marakei is a small island atoll in Kiribati, this atoll has a population of about 2,500 people. There is no electricity, phones, running water or sewage system. All of the houses are simple thatched huts made out of coconut trees. We recently received a request from a Peace Corp volunteer for reading books, shoes and sports equipment. In late May, shoes, book, soccer and volleyballs were shipped to Marakei.

Kids to Kids in Kenya

One thousand Swiss children participated in our Kids to Kids programme for children in Kenya. With this programme we were able to send school supplies, books and toys and sponsor building the classroom walls for orphans in Kenya.

Samoa 2007 Shipment

In August 2007 the New Zealand OHTS office sent over 5,000 books and school supplies to the St Vincent de Paul Society in Apia, Samoa. One of the Brothers from this society is the Prinicipal of the Marist Primary in Apia. He was able to distribute the supplies to schools most in need.

Educational supplies

A 40-foot container sent from Austria in August 2003 included 210 computers and 105 monitors, as well as typewriters, printers, educational books and children's bicycles.

Seeking to increase literacy and raising people out of poverty

The Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles organisation has worked closely with an organisation in Maputo, Mozambique which is seeking to increase literacy and schooling and giving people the tools and skills they require to raise themselves out of poverty.