Hospital for Haiti

Our organization is cooperating with doctors from the Czech organization Hand for Help on building a quickly assembled hospital in Haiti destroyed by the earthquake. The 3 Hospital Units (a operating unit, a maternity unit and a outpatients´ department) has been built by portable polyurethane blocks (it took to assamble the 3 hospital units just 5 weeks) in the vicinity of town Jacmel. The Czech team will stay in Haiti for 1 year to provide the needed medical care and to train the local personnel and then transfer the hospital to a local NGO or a government organization. The team has installed also a mobile water treatment facility powerful enough to provide drinking water for hundreds people.

Medical technology in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Institute of Research and Rehabilitation for Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders (BIRDEM), December 2014
In 2009, BIRDEM was the recipient of a double sea container of medical technology, which they shared with Sylhet Sadar Hospital in Dhaka and Kumudini Hospital. The Sri Chinmoy Centre in Austria collected modern treatment and diagnostic machines to serve the people of Bangladesh. We sent the shipment with the assistance of the Bangladesh Medical Association of North America. In December 2014 a sea container including 3 ultrasongraphy machines and a X-ray unit was delivered to the Ibrahim General Hospital. That was the fifth sea container with used medical equipment in a good condition we could send to Bangladesh via BIRDEM.

Clowns at the Raisa Maximovna Gorbachev Hospital

Raisa Maximovna Gorbachev Hospital, St. Petersburg, Russia, January 2012
Sri Chinmoy’s humanitarian service team has had the honor of serving President and Mrs. Gorbachev since 1991. For many years our main focus was to send chemotherapy and medical technology to Russian hospitals to assist in the treatment of children with leukemia.

In January 2012, in honor of Raisa Maximovna’s birthday, we offered a different kind of therapy – humor and laughter – through and performance of clowns at the Raisa Maximovna Gorbachev Hospital in St. Petersburg. Our performances originate from the philosophy that laughter is the best medicine.

The Madal Circus Clowns are dedicated to promoting and delivering the health benefits of humor. Humor offers a way for children to allay their fears and to cope with the intrusive atmosphere of a hospital.

Ongoing Effort to Provide Essential Medical Equipment for Hospitals in Bangladesh

A 40' sea container with medical equipment arrived in Chittagong, Bangladesh on 11 November 2011. This shipment is part of our ongoing effort to provide essential medical equipment for hospitals in Bangladesh in cooperation with the Bangladesh Medical Association of North America (BMANA) and Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ziauddin. Bangladesh is considered as one of the poorest countries of the world and the hospitals, which receive the equipment, treat their patients for free.

X-ray System for the Emergency Department of the Main Hospital of Bangladesh's Capital

In March 2011 a modern X-ray system was sent to the emergency department of the main hospital in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

Medical Equipment for Hospitals

Medical Equipment for Kumudini HospitalIn December 2009 a 40' sea container of valuable medical technology including mobile x-ray machines and ultrasound machines arrived in Bangladesh. The content of the container was distributed by the Bangladesh Institute of Research and Rehabilitation for Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders (BIRDEM) and Professor Azad Khan to the Kumudini Hospital, the Sylhet Sadar (Shamsuddin) Hospital and BIRDEM in Dhaka. The hospitals offer free treatment to the people of Bangladesh. The Oneness-Heart-Tears and  Smiles partnered with the Bangladesh Medical Association of North America (BMANA) and Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ziauddin, longtime President of BMANA, to arrange this shipment. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ziauddin provided the necessary training so that the equipment can be used to its full potential.

A Sea Container for Phnom Penh

The Swiss branch of The Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles sent a 20-foot sea container to Cambodia in December 2004 with clothing, school supplies, computers, bicycles, food, toys and medical equipment.

Medical supplies

A 20-foot sea container with hospital beds, medical and surgical supplies and equipment was sent from the Netherlands in January 2004. The shipment was received and its contents distributed.

From 2004 to 2006 four sea containers of hospital beds, medical supplies, educational materials, computers and medical technology were sent.

In addition, in early June 2005, a number of large air shipments of antibiotics (streptomycin and rifampicin) were sent to treat Buruli ulcer.

Sea container

In July 2004, our members in the United Kingdom sent a full sea container of additional goods collected for Guinea-Bissau, including school equipment (approx. 200,000 pencils), stationery, computers, clothing, toys and medical supplies. The school equipment was donated to schools in rural areas of the country. The medical supplies were distributed to a major hospital in the capital city, Bissau.

President Gorbachev's Vision

To help fulfill President Gorbachev's vision of a modern hospital within Russia that could treat children's blood diseases, The Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles from the USA, Britain, France and Germany sent large amounts of modern diagnostic and treatment equipment to the Research Institute of Pediatric Hematology and a hospital in Moscow. Including a flow cytometer, sonogram machine, cardiovascular instruments, ventilators and more, the shipments were sent in 1993 with a total value of $1.9 million. Another shipment sent in August 1995 was valued at nearly $500,000.