Container for San Jacinto in Nicaragua

A container of needed school supplies, sport equipment and water tanks was delivered to San Jacinto Village in Nicaragua in June 2009. Gift packages, schoolbags, stationery, notebooks, bicycles, baseball sets, first-aid boxes and water tanks were distributed among children, school staff and village residents during the beautiful one day ceremony.

The idea to send needed equipment to Nicaragua came from our member from New Zealand who had already brought several boxes of school stationery and toys to San Jacinto school in 2006 – 2007. He works as a consultant of a company operating a geothermal power station near San Jacinto. Staff of this company became our key partners in this successful project.

Where and Why
San Jacinto Village is in one on the poorest parts of Nicaragua which is the poorest country in Central America. The village is fairy basic. Most houses do not have running water.---The school works shifts - it has about 380 junior pupils in the morning and about 320 high school pupils in the afternoon. It is also the resource centre for a number of outlying schools in remote villages, taking the total roll to about 1300.

The school supplies, sport equipment and other needed stuff were collected in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany. Everything was obtained as a free gift from dozen companies whom we are extremely grateful for their selfless concern. Pupils from several Czech schools prepared 1300 gift packages for their Nicaraguan friends. All material was loaded in March 2009 and send from the Czech Republic over Atlantic Ocean to Nicaragua. It was distributed in June 2009

A special ceremony was organized to hand the content of the container to the local school and village representatives. Each pupil received a new schoolbag and a gift package made by a child from the Czech Republic. The best students received bicycles. In return, children prepared lovely musical performance as gratitude for all gifts. San Jacinto was full of joy and smiles that beautiful day!

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