New Zealand

Container for San Jacinto in Nicaragua

A container of needed school supplies, sport equipment and water tanks was delivered to San Jacinto Village in Nicaragua in June 2009. Gift packages, schoolbags, stationery, notebooks, bicycles, baseball sets, first-aid boxes and water tanks were distributed among children, school staff and village residents during the beautiful one day ceremony.

Angola where it began

More than 40 years of civil war in Angola came to an end in April 2002 with the historic signing of a peace agreement. Soon after, an urgent request to The Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles was made to help strengthen the peace by sending humanitarian assistance to the country. Immediately The Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles world-wide began sending large amounts of pharmaceuticals, medical and surgical supplies, food, clothing and more to Angola.

"Drawings of love" for children in Indonesia

One of our most successful international projects was the Drawings of Love, through which 22,000 children from 30 countries send drawings and messages of affection, which were distributed to the thousands of children orphaned by the tsunami 2005 in Banda Aceh.

After the earthquake in May, 2006 we delivered thousands of Kids to Kids packs to the affected area in Yogyakarta, Bantul and Klaten. Ten thousand school packs with school supplies were distributed in partnership with Khalsa Aid bringing great joy to the children.

Pakistan after 2005 earthquake

Two 40-foot sea containers carrying approximately 1,000 boxes of warm clothing and medical supplies to assist the people of Pakistan in the initial recovery period after the North Pakistan earthquake.

In addition to this over USD $43,000 was personally donated by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centers International for victims of the earthquake via UNICEF.

Kids to Kids packs

The Oneness-Heart Tears and Smiles in New Zealand in 2005 completed its Kids to Kids project which involved hundreds of school children around New Zealand. This project was used as a way for New Zealand children to reach out their hand in friendship to the children of Sri Lanka. Over 600 packs were created and sent the Dilmah Tea Foundation who distributed them to the children in the Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka.

Letter explaining the situation in Kiribati

“You were interested to know some of the health issues here in Kiribati. The outer island where 2/3 of the population live are traditionally healthy…

On South Tarawa, the capital island, people are eating a lot of imported foodstuffs and this is resulting in obesity and non communicable diseases including cardiac problems, diabetes, and stroke. Unfortunately many outer islands obtain imported foodstuffs so their diets and it's ramifications are becoming apparent throughout the Republic….

Junior Secondary School on the island atoll of Marakei

Marakei is a small island atoll in Kiribati, this atoll has a population of about 2,500 people. There is no electricity, phones, running water or sewage system. All of the houses are simple thatched huts made out of coconut trees. We recently received a request from a Peace Corp volunteer for reading books, shoes and sports equipment. In late May, shoes, book, soccer and volleyballs were shipped to Marakei.

The first 'Drawings of Love' to arrive in Banda Aceh

In late May 2005 a volunteer with The Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles traveled to Banda Aceh with the International Relief Development agency to coordinate the reconstruction of the water treatment plant. On behalf of the Oneness-Heart Tears and Smiles he took the first Drawings of love from New Zealand children that were lovingly made for the children of Banda Aceh.

“I went to one of the barracks with a local who works with a small non-governmental organization in Banda Aceh. He does counseling work with the people (including kids) who live there now.

Little Sisters of the Poor Samao

In August 2007 in conjunction with our Educational shipment to Samoa we were able to send a number of aid packages to the Little Sisters of the Poor in Samoa. The Sisters run the only old persons home in Samoa. There is no government funding and they rely solely on donations. There is barely enough supplies most of the time.

Included in our aid shipment for The Little Sisters of the Poor, were medical supplies, linen, pressure wheelchair cushions and soap. This is our third shipment to this organisation.

Samoa 2007 Shipment

In August 2007 the New Zealand OHTS office sent over 5,000 books and school supplies to the St Vincent de Paul Society in Apia, Samoa. One of the Brothers from this society is the Prinicipal of the Marist Primary in Apia. He was able to distribute the supplies to schools most in need.