Our programmes – a brief overview

The Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles draws upon the goodwill and sympathetic support of companies, hospitals, corporations, community groups and the general public to provide the materials and aid needed for our various international initiatives.

We respond to requests for humanitarian services from respected organisations, national agencies, national and United Nations leaders. The specific items or services requested are requested from manufacturers, distributors, retail chains, schools and private citizens in many different countries. Then we arrange for transportation by sea or air.

We carefully identify and work closely with a local organisation in the recipient country to receive and distribute goods. This group is a respected non-government organisation (NGO) or sometimes a branch of the requesting government. We follow up carefully to ensure that the items reach those in need. Our main initiatives include:

  • Child Welfare Programmes – a unique and highly successful school programme in which school children in one country supply basic kits – stationery, writing materials, personal hygiene items and toys– to children in developing countries.
  • Development and Economic Recovery – the provision of agricultural supplies; the development of sustainable small businesses; information sharing to promote self-help.
  • Disaster Relief – the supply of emergency and disaster relief materials.
  • Education – the supply of materials to schools, including computers, furniture, stationery and books.
  • Healthcare – the supply of medical equipment, consumables and pharmaceuticals as well as the training of health professionals. This includes a program dealing with HIV/AIDS.