Sunflower Children’s Centre in Vietnam

Sunflower Children’s Centre, Nha Trang, Vietnam, February 2012
In Nha Trang, our team, including Vlado the Clown, visited the Sunflower Children’s Centre, where 26 children aged 6 to 21 live.
Vlado’s mime performance had a magical effect on the children, as well as the adults. He showed the value of humor to bring people together and spread joy. In the beginning the children were very reserved and serious, but after only a few minutes of watching and participating in Vlado’s hilarious antics, the children were laughing with great joy.

In that short time, we seemed to become one family. We presented each child with a bag of school supplies, a soft teddy bear and a badminton racket, as well as fun snacks. The event was all laughter, joy and friendship. The next day a team of our boys played badminton with the children, who were very skilled in the game.