Sharing gifts and happiness in Indonesia

At the inspiration of our friend Princess Febri Dipokusomo, a district Governor of Rotary International in Java, our Kids to Kids project teamed up with Rotary to distribute gifts and joy to disabled and disadvantaged children throughout Indonesia. The project was a huge success, connecting us with children in 14 cities across 5 islands and 6 provinces.

We really appreciate this beautiful note of thanks from Princess Febri
Princess Febri, Prince Dipokusomo and family prepare the goodie bags for distribution throughout Indonesia
Spreading gifts and happiness in Solo City, Java
Delivering Happiness in Solo City with Rotaract Club (Rotary Club’s Partner), Central Java
Semarang, East Java
Kendal, Central Java
Kudus, East Java
Surabaya City, East Java
Kupang, Nusa Tenggara (in West Timor)
Madiun, East Java
Makassar, Sulawesi
North Lombok
Palu, Sulawesi
Sidoarjo, East Java
Batu, East Java
Malang City, East Java
Princess Febri in Solo with her family