Requests from the United Nations over the years

Since 1970, Sri Chinmoy has had a very close involvement with the United Nations. This is a list of some of the services that the Oneness-Heart Tears and Smiles initiative was grateful to provide, at the direct requests of UN Under-Secretaries General Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury and Professor Ibrahim Gambari, who were both very dear friends of Sri Chinmoy and supporters of the Oneness-Heart Tears and Smiles initiative.

Ambassador Chowdhury in 2013, speaking at the launch of Sri Chinmoy’s audiobook The Jewels of Happiness at the United Nations in New York

From 2002 to 2007 Ambassador Chowdhury was Under-Secretary-General and High Representative of the United Nations for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States .
Ambassador Chowdhury entrusted to Sri Chinmoy, ten of the most vulnerable countries, to serve through humanitarian shipments. Ambassador Chowdhury stated that Sri Chinmoy surpassed the original request of ten countries which now totals 33 countries. Following are highlights of the shipments to countries under Ambassador Chowdhury’s jurisdiction.


  • In August, 2004, we partnered with AmeriCares to transported a plane full of supplies. This shipment provided enough pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, water purification tablets and medical supplies to treat 500,000 people for three months.
  • 22 tons of clothing and blankets for victims of Cyclone Sidr, were sent in 2008.
  • Three sea containers of medical technology sent between 2009 and 2013.


Five pallets of medical and surgical supplies, clothing and school supplies were sent from our Italian branch to school children in collaboration with the Italian organization VISPE (Italian Volunteers for Solidarity with Developing Countries).


The Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles arranged for a 40-foot sea container of clothing to be sent from the Japan Clothing Depot to Phnom Penh for distribution by the Cambodian Red Cross.

A 20-foot sea container of medical supplies, food, toys and school supplies was sent by our Swiss branch.

Cape Verde

  • A shipment of medical equipment was delivered in 2004.
  • A 40-foot sea container of medical and surgical supplies, school supplies, toys and clothing was sent in 2005.
  • A 20-foot container of medical and educational supplies and Kids to Kids packs was sent to hospitals and schools in 2006.

Dominican Republic

Six sea containers of medical supplies and educational materials were sent from the United States between 2004 and 2010. The supplies were distributed by Herman Mendoza of the Stepping Stones Ministry, and were often shared between the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The island was experiencing torrential rain, flooding, mudslides and devastation by the tropical storm Noel in 2007.


In 2004, The Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles of New Zealand provided valuable medical supplies and wheelchairs to the Taveuni Hospital, and the Tawanini Hospital in three shipments.

The Gambia

  • A sea container carrying medical and educational supplies from Great Britain was sent in 2005.
  • In 2005 we also sent an anesthesia machine and three sets of surgical supplies and instruments critical for the survival of caesarean section patients.


Four sea containers of hospital beds, medical supplies, educational materials, computers and medical technology were sent between 2004 and 2006.

Large air shipments of the antibiotics streptomycin and rifampicin were sent to the Mother and Child Community Development Foundation for the treatment of the devastating Buruli ulcer.

Guinea Bissau

  • A sea container of medical and educational supplies were sent to the Minister of Health in 2004.
  • A sea container of school equipment and furniture and bicycles was sent in 2006.
  • Kids to Kids packs were distributed in the most poverty-stricken areas in 2006 as well.


Two sea containers of medical supplies and medical technology were sent to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. One sea container of clothing was sent from the Japan Clothing Depot in cooperation with our organization. We also assisted with technology and supplies for the Sri Chinmoy Hospital built in Haiti by Hand for Help.


After the devastation caused by Hurricane Ivan in November 2004, our Canadian branch sent a 40-foot sea container with hospital beds, examination tables and medical and surgical equipment and supplies to hospitals in need.


28 boxes of medical supplies were sent to Kiribati Hospital from our New Zealand team, and Kids to Kids packs were sent to Kiribati from participating New Zealand schools.


  • Four double (40-foot) sea containers of medical equipment and surgical supplies were sent to hospitals in Monrovia in 2004.
  • Computers and 3,000 wind-up radios (needed to broadcast health and educational programs to remote villages) were delivered in 2004.
  • Three 40-foot sea containers with medical technology, educational materials, toys and school supplies were sent in 2007.


In August 2004, our members in Iceland sent a 40-foot sea container of clothing and toys to 15 school through the Red Cross.


Our organization partnered with Dr. Amalle Daou, ECOSOC Special Consultant and founder of AIM (Active Intervention for Mothers). Dr. Amalle Daou is the wife of Ambassador Oumar Daou, Permanent Representative of Mali to the United Nations. The Sri Chinmoy Centre offered medical technology, and surgical tables and instruments, for Dr. Daou’s free Medical Clinic in Keniero, Mali. We also participated with and assisted Dr. Daou in her UN events .


  • Six sea containers of medical supplies, educational materials and supplies, computers, pharmaceuticals and toys were delivered in 2003.
  • Medical supplies and surgical technology for the urology department of Maputo Central Hospital were also sent in 2003.


The Sri Chinmoy Centre sent a sea container of school supplies for students in San Jacinto in 2009.

Later in 2009, a second container of educational materials and bicycles was sent to seven schools in San Jacinto.


At the request of Niger’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Mr. Ousmane Moutari, in April 2004 the Sri Chinmoy Centre sent a shipment of sutures and expensive surgical instruments, along with a team of surgeons and support personnel. These were urgently needed to operate on women’s fistulas, a common problem in Niger. When untreated, fistulas cause women to be cast out of their homes and families.


In April 2004, after Cyclone Heta caused destruction in the South Pacific area, especially the island of Niue, our New Zealand branch sent a shipment of household equipment and Kids to Kids Kits to the Niue Cyclone Relief Group.

Papua New Guinea

Sixty boxes of requested medical technology and an operating table were delivered to Kapoona and Kikor Hospitals, in the Fly River Delta, in 2005. Many pallets of toys and school supplies for children were also sent that year.


In May 2006, our organization offered $4,000 USD, to be used for medical care, food and education for 10 street children who were receiving training in “Sports for Peace” in Kigali. We were able in 2005 to support “Enfants de Dieu,” offering shelter to homeless orphans living on the streets of Kigali. We provided supplies to build loam cottages for widows willing to welcome up to ten orphans into their cottages. We also sponsored the publication of 700 books for a rural school. Our German branch sent a total of nine cubic feet of medical and school supplies to hospitals and schools.

Sao Tome and Principe

A 20-foot sea container was sent from our Czech Republic branch in April 2005. It was packed with clothes, fabric, sewing machines, a microscope, bandages, toys, school supplies, pads and bedding.

Solomon Islands

Our Australian team delivered medical and surgical supplies, vitamins, and dental and optical instruments and supplies.
Kids to Kids educational Kits were sent to also sent to a number of schools.


Fifty large boxes of medical and surgical supplies from Australia, Austria, Germany and the United States were transported by air and presented personally to Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri in January 2004. Included were 5,000 surgical gloves and 500 new airline blankets.
Thirty-eight boxes with medical and surgical supplies, including ECG, patient monitors and endoscopic equipment, as well as scientific equipment for the Department of Agriculture, and school supplies, were sent from Australia in September 2004.


Four pallets of rope and disaster relief materials were sent; in addition, our New Zealand branch sent medical supplies to the Princess Margaret Hospital.


Medical, school supplies, medical equipment, two new ambulances and school supplies were sent in 2004 – 2006


Our German branch provided sutures and suture needles, valued at over $30,000, to doctors at the Al-Thawra Hospital in Taiz.


Sri Chinmoy and Professor Gambari

(at the request of Under-Secretary- General Professor Ibrahim Gambari) Thirteen countries contributed to the contents of 21 sea containers with pharmaceuticals, medical and surgical supplies, clothing, school supplies, tools and building supplies in 2003.

20 tons of clothing, 14 tons of vitamins, 28 tons of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment for hospitals, 130,000 packs of protein powder weighing 2.3 tons, and 2,000 Kids to Kids kits were sent at a later time.